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Manage money lending business, manage time: Use technology!

How do you manage the lending business or any money lent to the customers and the tally of all such things? If you are doing it manually, using pen-paper then I am afraid, that you are doing it wrong. MOZAR software can help you manage the money lending business easily with the help of technology.

Consider that someone who has borrowed money from you, is there at the shop to ask for the amount to be returned by him at that particular stage and you have to start the calculations at the moment. Will it be ok or tedious? Even if the entire record is maintained in the diary, then also you have to spend time to find his/her name in the diary. It may take a while. The software will let you know the amount you owe with one click. There are options by which you can find out the amount owed by a particular person, the total money you owe, the money owed region-wise, and so on. The search option will save your time and effort.

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