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Stock maintenance can be easier. Do you know that?

Maintaining, and cross-verifying the stock every day from the jewellery shop is a tedious task. The silver and gold ornaments or the items from the shop are pretty much small in size, but their price is obviously high. Even if you trust your staff and every member related to the business fully, then also there is a doubt in your mind about the safety of stock. It is pretty much normal for any human being. The Mozar software can make this task easy. If you use a bar code system for stock checking it will be very easy. Every item will have a unique number, the way you have it as an ADHAR number. Using these barcodes you can easily manage your stock.

Sometimes there can be a mistake of handing out the wrong item to the customer. In this case, you can get the number of items the same in the counting, but the actual weight of the gold will actually differ. This mistake cannot be easily found using a manual checking system. But if you are using a barcode system of Mozar, then these types of mistakes can easily be rectified.

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